Dress Right

You’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. You need to interview for a job, but since times are tough, you can’t afford the clothes you need to make a good impression.

This is where Dress Right comes in.

We understand the importance of looking professional when entering the job market. Sharp, high-quality clothing not only communicates confidence to employers but raises your own self-esteem. When you “dress for success,” you feel successful as well!

Dress Right provides new or gently used professional clothing at no cost for men and women entering the job market. Your first step to a new career starts here!

Invitations to Dress Right are by referral only.  Please call Monroe Street Neighborhood Center at 419-473-1167 and choose one of the following extensions: Toni Quinn (Administrative Assistant) Ext. 333 or Clara Petty (Director) Ext. 317.